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Protection of Customers’ Personal Information

This personal information protection policy (the “Privacy Policy”) applies to both the Company and its franchisees (collectively, the “Store Chain”).

  1. Definition of personal information

    In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” refers to information that can be used to identify an individual customer including a name, address, telephone number, or email address that is received from individuals by the Store Chain through a store, the at-home purchasing service, customer consultation desks, the purchasing service application website, this website, etc.

  2. Acquisition of personal information

    When using the services provided by the Store Chain, an individual may be asked to provide personal information in order to verify their personal identity, etc. when conducting purchase transactions, etc. for merchandise (used merchandise, etc.).
    The Store Chain will acquire personal information appropriately, and it will not acquire such information through fraud or any other inappropriate measures.

  3. Use of personal information

    The Store Chain will use personal information appropriately in the Company’s operations within the scope of the purposes listed below.

    1. Purposes of use
      • Confirmation of the identity of individuals in relation to transactions for merchandise
      • Consultations and inquiries in relation to transactions for merchandise
      • Registration procedures for various services
      • Information on prizes, contests, and other services provided by BOOKOFF
      • CS activities (responding to feedback and inquiries from customers, etc.)
      • Creation of statistical materials on service-use trends, etc. for the website
      • Provision of information to third parties within the scope required to achieve each of the purposes above
  4. Provision to third parties

    The Store Chain will appropriately manage the personal information of individuals and not provide it to third parties excepting the cases below.

    • When the individual has given their consent, and in compliance with laws, regulations, and ordinances including the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act
    • When the information is required for the protection of human life, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
    • When the information is specifically required for the improvement of public health or promoting the healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
    • When a governmental organization, local municipal organization, or a party entrusted by them is required to cooperate for the execution of work stipulated by laws and regulations, and it is likely that obtaining the individual’s consent could interfere with the execution of those functions
    • When a business contractor, with whom an agreement on the confidentiality of personal information has been entered into, is contracted with the handling of personal information within the scope required to achieve the purposes of use disclosed to the individual
    • When providing the information to a joint user stated in 6, below
  5. Management of personal information

    The Store Chain will assign a person responsible for the handling the personal information of individuals at each company, comply with laws, regulations, internal rules, etc. related to the personal information of the individual, and take the utmost care in the handling of personal information. The Store Chain will take reasonable security measures and work to appropriately manage information so that there is no external unauthorized access to the personal information of individuals, or loss of, tampering with, leakage of, misappropriation of, and/or destruction, etc. of personal information.

  6. Joint use

    The Store Chain may jointly use the personal data of individuals with the Company’s group companies, the Company, and the Company’s franchisees stated below.

    1. (1)Personal data items that are jointly used
      • Items necessary for consultations and inquiries regarding transactions for used merchandise
      • Items necessary for CS activities
      • Items necessary for the creation of statistical materials on service-use trends, etc. for the Group
      • All other personal information of individuals
      (2)Scope of joint use parties
      • Group companies
      • The Company’s franchisees
      (3)Purposes of use by users
      • Within the scope of the purposes of use stated in 3, above
      (4)Person responsible for management
      • Personal Information Management Supervisor
  7. Disclosure, etc. of personal information

    If the Store Chain receives a request from an individual in the “retained personal data” for the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, elimination, or suspension of provision to third parties of information, the Store Chain will respond promptly within a reasonable period of time and scope after confirming that the request was from the individual involved. As a fee for the disclosure, 840 yen (tax included) will be charged. In such a case, notice will be provided to the individual who made the request (to the name and address of person making the request stated in the Company’s prescribed disclosure request form) in writing by post (ID confirmation delivery service of JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.).
    Note that the personal information provided in writing at stores or for the at-home purchasing service does not constitute “retained personal data” under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and accordingly, is outside the scope of this article.
    Furthermore, please understand that it may not be possible to respond to requests in some cases in accordance with the provisions of the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act or other laws and regulations.
    Contact point for disclosure requests, etc.
    Address: 2-14-20 Kobuchi, Minami-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
    Name: Personal Information Management Supervisor, BOOKOFF CORPORATION LIMITED

  8. Access logs

    Although access logs contain the domain name and IP address of the person accessing, the type of browser, and the number of accesses, they do not include information that can be used to identify individuals. Access logs are used as statistical data. They are not linked with the personal information of individuals.

    1. (1) Cookies

      The Store Chain may store and refer to its cookies on customers’ computers. By using cookies, it is possible for the Store Chain to gather information, including the activity history of customers, on our website through a web browser. In addition, the Company may provide the information gathered through the Store Chain’s cookies to its partners.
      Customers can use their browser settings to refuse the acquisition of new cookies, display an alarm when they are acquired, or disable their use.
      Note: Cookies consist of information sent from a server computer to the customer’s browser, which are stored on the hard disk of the computer used by the customer.

      (2) Purposes that cookies are used for by the website

      Cookies are used by the website for the following purposes:

      • Displaying the most appropriate advertisements on the websites of other companies based on the content the customer is interested in and the status of use of the website by the customer
      • Monitoring the number of users and the traffic statistics of the website
      • Improving service provided on the website
      Opting out of cookies

      If you wish to disable advertisements using cookies, please disable (opt out of) cookies using one of the following links. Opt-out page for Google advertisements Opt-out page for Yahoo! advertisements

  9. Link destinations

    The Store Chain is not responsible for the personal information of individuals on other websites that are linked to the website. For details on the handling of personal information at link destinations, individuals are requested to take responsibility to confirm the content of personal-information handling standards, etc. at such link destinations.

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